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The Problem In A Nutshell

Comic Transcript

ALICE: Here’s the problem in a nutshell. Book publishing is split up into different markets across the globe. There’s a US market, there’s a UK market, there’s a French market, and so on.

ALICE: These markets are all separate, so book publishing can get a bit confusing. A book published by one company in the US can also be published by a competitor in the UK. And they can make completely different, even conflicting, decisions about how to publish it.

ALICE: For example, for the specific problem we’ve been brought in to fix, a UK publisher has decided to publish all its eBooks using DRM, while a US publisher–who publishes many of the same books–decided to publish everything DRM-free.

SKIP: Wait, a US publisher? DRM free? You mean one of those commie self-publishers, right?

ALICE: No, I mean a US publisher. Rather well-known in its genre.

SKIP: You mean there is a successful US publisher who actually publishes its eBooks without DRM?

ALICE: Actually there are at least two–


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