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Comic Transcript

SHELLY: So the problem is that a publisher in the US isn’t using DRM, and the publisher in the UK wants to force them to start using it again.

ALICE: That’s right, and it’s complicated by the fact that there are no legal options to pursue. The US publisher is completely within its rights to not use DRM.

FRANK: So we need to find a way to discourage this company from doing something it’s completely within its legal rights to do.

ALICE: Yes. Good summary.

SHELLY: We’ll have to start a DRM vs. Piracy misinformation campaign…

SKIP: … and couple it with spreading innuendo about some key players in the debate…

FRANK: … and of course throw in some sweeping, vague legal threats that have no actual legal foundation, but sound impressively grim.


SHELLY: This is going to be so much fun!

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