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We Shall Overbuy

Comic Transcript

THE BOSS: So by controlling the groups who lobby the government for specific changes, you are in fact controlling the true decision-makers and power brokers of the modern age.

THE BOSS (HEALTH INSURANCE): That is my hypothesis. The truth remains to be seen.

THE BOSS (HEALTH INSURANCE): Right now, the Federal Communications Commission is considering making changes to regulations that will end Net Neutrality and will give cable and wireless companies free reign to control the Internet as they see fit.

THE BOSS (HEALTH INSURANCE): This is a deeply unpopular decision, and goes against the very values espoused by the administration that appointed the current head of the commission. It is, essentially, the test that can move my hypothesis safely into the realm of theory.

THE BOSS (HEALTH INSURANCE): If we are successful, then we will know that, once and for all, politicians and their appointees believe they have more to lose by angering lobbyists than they do if they anger the voting public.

THE BOSS: What if you are not successful?

THE BOSS (HEALTH INSURANCE): We try again in two months.

There are days when I love writing this strip — days when I’ll think of an idea that is so over-the-top ridiculous, while at the same time, at it’s core, so utterly true that creating and publishing it is sheer joy.

There are also days when I find it monumentally depressing to even attempt to put what is going on in the industry into any kind of context. Today is one of those days.

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