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Prognosis: Uncertain

Comic Transcript

NARRATOR: One week of complicated diagnostics later…

BINKY (STEVE): I’ve run an extensive battery of tests, and I’m afraid the news isn’t good.

ADALAI FOULE: What have you found?

BINKY (STEVE): The imprint we created trying to duplicate Steve Jobs’ original process — the one that created me — was incomplete. Now it’s wearing off.

(PHIL’S appearance begins to unravel.)

BINKY (STEVE): There were aspects to the procedure that created me that we were only dimly aware of, and Steve never had the time to fill in the cracks when we used the process on Phil. I’m afraid this reversion is irreversible.

ADALAI FOULE: How long does he have?

BINKY (STEVE): It’s hard to say. It could be a long, gradual process. It may be impossible to notice at first.

BINKY (STEVE): A slip here, uncharacteristically unpolished behavior there. It might take years for the condition to deteriorate to the point where it’s actually debilitating.

PHIL: I want potato chips.

BINKY (STEVE): Or it might take considerably less time than that.

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