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ADALAI FOULE: I think I may have made a terrible mistake.

ALEX: Probably.

ADALAI FOULE: It seemed sound enough, in an irrational, completely unscientific but appropriately metaphysical way. Phil was clinging to his old new-self, which was doomed to be consumed by his new old-self. So obviously I had to make the new old-self stronger.

ALEX: Obviously.

ADALAI FOULE: So how do I do that? Introduce an element of his old self that the new old-self can latch on to. And obviously that element is alcohol! But not any alcohol–no, it had to be the kind of alcohol he used to drink. Beer, mostly, with occasional forays onto something stronger, but just as cheap.

ALEX: Right.

ADALAI FOULE: What could go wrong? The alcohol should even have sped up the process. It should be diluting his sense of self. That’s what it does.

ALEX: “Deluding his sense of self?”

ADLAI FOULE: Well, yes, it does that too.

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