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PHIL: I know this looks bad, but I’m starting to feel better. All I need are potato chips.

BINKY (STEVE): This has deteriorated faster than I anticpated… although, alas, not fast enough.

PHIL: Not potato chips! Sorry, I don’t know where that came from.

BINKY (STEVE): Look at the poor devil. He’s caught between two worlds. He doesn’t belong in either, not any more. He’s a man forever at war with himself, each nature struggling to assert itself, the other refusing to give ground.

PHIL: All I need is a quick shower, and maybe a fresh change of clothes. I’m sure that’ll get me bak on track.

BINKY (STEVE): His struggle is noble and tragic: noble because he still aspires to greatness, tragic because his fall is inevitable.

PHIL: … I think there might be an issue with my tie.

BINKY (STEVE): Your tie is fine, old boy. Your tie is fine.

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