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Running The Numbers

Comic Transcript

ALEX: VerizoT&T Customer Support.

CUSTOMER: One of your salesmen just tried to get me to sign up for your “revolving phone policy.”

ALEX: The one where you pay a monthly fee to be able to automatically qualify for a phone upgrade?

CUSTOMER: Yeah, I can’t quite… it doesn’t add up. We’re already paying an inflated rate for the phone service in order to defray the cost of the “subsidies” you provide for selling the phones at discount rates.

ALEX: Yes…

CUSTOMER: And with this service we’d pay another monthly fee on top of that in order to qualify for the upgrade price for a new phone before our contract runs out.

ALEX: That’s right.

CUSTOMER: Well let’s do the math. I pay $250 for a smart phone and 2-year contract that would cost $600 without a contract. I spend an extra $32 a month for the “right” to upgrade my phone at any time.

CUSTOMER: So a year later the next model of my phone comes out and I want to upgrade. It’s also $600, but since I qualify for the upgrade this service I only pay $250. But since I’ve already paid $384 over the year, I’ve actually OVERPAID for the phone by $34.

ALEX: Well first of all, doing math can void your warranty.


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