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JIM WASHINGTON: With us tonight is Viktor Schreck, general counsel for Ubersoft. Mr. Schreck, we’d like to ask you some questions about Ubersoft’s alleged involvement in the PRISM scandal.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: We do not have a back door that the Federal Government can use to access our customer data.

JIM WASHINGTON: So you deny involvement in this program.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: It’s very simple. From time to time we are required by law enforcement to supply them with data. These requests are reviewed on a customer by customer basis. Our policy is that, when necessary, we will supply the government with information one customer at a time.

JIM WASHINGTON: What if the government told you the customer they wanted information on was “America,” and they suspected it of having 314 million sock puppet accounts?


NEWS TICKERTAPE: Breaking: President announces he wants “honest, open dialog” about PRISM :: ACLU and EFF request release of PRISM documents under FOIA :: President clarifies “I didn’t mean NOW”

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