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CUSTOMER: Let me make sure that I understand what you’re telling me:

CUSTOMER: Ubersoft has decided it can no longer be bothered to distribute software on CDs, or DVDs, or any other kind of physical media. So anyone who goes to the trouble of going to a store will discover that the software they buy is missing, replaced only with a small cardboard card containing a serial number and a URL. They will then expected to download the software and install it themselves.

ALEX: That’s the gist, yes.

CUSTOMER: And what do you have to say to those of us who don’t want to download software over the Internet? What about those of us who want physical media they can use to re-install the software, because our experience tells us that happens a lot? What do you have to say to us?

AJLEX: You’re going to have to download all the bug fixes anyway.

CUSTOMER: I REALLY hate you guys.

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