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An Indignity On Two Fronts

Comic Transcript

CUSTOMER: I’ve accepted the fact that, despite having bought your software at the store, I have to download and install it over the Internet. I don’t like it, but I’ve accepted it. So why won’t it work?

ALEX: What do you mean, why won’t it work?

CUSTOMER: I started the install process and the whole thing died. My Internet connection even went down!

ALEX: You’ll have to ask your ISP.


ALEX: In that case, let me check your account…

ALEX: Ah, here’s the problem. You’ve exceeded your 2 gig monthly bandwidth allotment. You’ve been branded as a “rogue customer” and your account has been suspended.


CUSTOMER: So this software can only be installed by using an internet connection that won’t allow me to install the software because the software is larger than the bandwidth I’m allowed to use?

ALEX: I’m afraid we can’t release that information to rogue customers.

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