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Moving On

Comic Transcript

THE BOSS: I greet you, Dark Lord of SCO, and welcome you to my halls.

THE BOSS (SCO): I greet you, clone-brother, but I am the Dark Lord of SCO no longer. I have arrived to tell you that, with regret, I must withdraw my membership from the computer industry cabal.

THE BOSS: Withdraw?

THE BOSS (SCO): Indeed. My new domain no longer qualifies me for membership.

THE BOSS: I see.

THE BOSS (SCO): It is regrettable, but worth the price. This is a sphere that we have long desired to conquer. I found the perfect opportunity to replace certain key players in that industry, and soon I will be responsible for inflicting pain and terror on every living person in this country.

THE BOSS: In this country? You mean to say–

THE BOSS (SCO): –I am now the Dark Lord of Health Insurance.

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