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Playing To Your Strengths

Comic Transcript

ALICE: Come on, people, there has to be a way to–

PHIL: By Jove, I’ve got it! It’s simple, it’s elegant,and it plays directly to your strengths!

PHIL: Look, we’re entering a new age of ubiquitous computing. Computers are everywhere. People are always online, always connected. Certainly this carries a certain charm, but because that connection is always there, there’s no getting away from it. Only Ubersoft has the ability to provide for an interconnected society while ensuring that the connection will never be permanent.

ALICE: Why can we ensure this?

PHIL: Our products have been engineered to produce temporal interrupts, enforcing real-world interaction in lieu of electronic activity.

ALICE: I don’t understand what you–

PHIL: They crash a lot.

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