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PHIL: Perhaps we’re looking at this the wrong way. We shouldn’t be looking for the next big market–we should be determining the best way to generate positive press for the new market.

ALICE: Doesn’t that depend entirely on what the new market is?

FRANK: Good point. What we need to do is find a large group that can be easily leveraged into generating a lot of positive news about a market they would be invested in.

SHEILA: Yes! And then we can surreptitiously poll them on what they want the next big market to be, and then we can announce that market to the world!

ALICE: Hmmm. Not bad. It’s similar to our DOT NIT strategy, so we already have the infrastructure in place to set that in motion.

FRANK: All our DOT NIT resources are embedded in the computer press. So what kind of market do you think the computer press would be interested in covering?

PHIL: One that prevents their slow decline into irrelevance.

ALICE: Maybe we should find another group.

SKIP: Let’s break for lunch.

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