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That’s Still Pretty Awesome

Comic Transcript

MONK: Alex! Looking forward to Christmas dinner tonight. And to see what crazy animatronic display your dad put up this year.

ALEX: Eh. I think it’s going to disappoint.

MONK: What are you talking about? This is the guy who put up a nativity scene featuring Herod’s army slaughtering all the first-born children of Bethlehem!

ALEX: True.

MONK: And this is also the guy who put up a nativity scene featuring Checkov as the Baby Jesus and Kirk as the archangel Gabriel shouting “Khaaaan!” at the Christmas Star!

ALEX: Also true.

MONK: With a mind like that, this year will have to be nothing short of spectacular.

ALEX: Not really. All he did was take both scenes and put them together. Only he made Herod’s army Klingons.

MONK: Really?

ALEX: I think he’s spending too much time on the Internet. He keeps calling it a “mashup.”

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