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The Specialist

Comic Transcript

SAMSUNG EXECUTIVE: This is ridiculous. How did we get in this situation? We actually had evidence. We had evidence! Good evidence!

SAMSUNG LAWYER: The judge threw it out. The judge is throwing out a lot of things. If we don’t figure out something fast, the Judge is going to effectively kill our chances even for appealing the verdict tomorrow.

SAMSUNG EXECUTIVE: That can’t happen! You have to do something!

SAMSUNG LAWYER: I’ve called a specialist.

SAMSUNG EXECUTIVE: What are you talking about? What kind of specialist?

SAMSUNG LAWYER: He started making a name for himself a few years back, specializing in impossible and improbable situations.

SAMSUNG EXECUTIVE: Who is this guy?

SAMSUNG LAWYER: He’s known as “The Dentist.”

ADALAI FOULE: I came as soon as I could manage.

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