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Comic Transcript

JUDGE: If both parties would please approach the bench now.

BINKY (STEVE): Well if you’ll excuse me, chap, I must be off to convince the judge to destroy Samsung, completely and utterly. Perhaps we can pop off for a drink after.

JUDGE: The reason we are meeting today–


ADALAI FOULE: Sorry about that. It appears I inadvertently kicked your Apple Employee in the shins, causing him to drop the “handheld” on the floor rather violently.

JUDGE: The reason we are meeting today–


ADALAI FOULE: It appears I may have inadvertently smashed the “handheld” to bits with a hammer. Three times.

BINKY (STEVE): I think we may wind up passing on that drink.

ADALAI FOULE: I just kicked a tiny piece of it across the room. It appears to have embedded itself into the stenographer’s chair.


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