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The Price Of Victories

Comic Transcript

ADALAI FOULE: I can’t undo the damage already inflicted by Apple’s device, but I can, I believe, neutralize it in order to give you a chance to build your appeal.


SAMSUNG LAWYER: Winning on appeal is winning.

SAMSUNG EXECUTIVE: But I want to win now!

SAMSUNG LAWYER: If you win now, when Apple appeals you’ll only have to win again. This way we only have to win once.

ADALAI FOULE: Maybe twice, if they appeal the appeal.

SAMSUNG LAWYER: True. And if they appeal that it becomes a Supreme Court issue, so… we might have to win three times.

ADALAI FOULE: And if they order one of the courts to re-examine their ruling, it might have to start all over again.


SAMSUNG EXECUTIVE: Can we afford all this victory?

SAMSUNG LAWYER: That’s the first thing I checked before I took the case.

ADALAI FOULE: It’s called “due diligence.”

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