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Not Paid To Cry

Comic Transcript

NARRATOR: Later that day…

SAMSUNG EXECUTIVE: So how’s it going? Are we winning? Have we shamed Apple into submission yet?

SAMSUNG LAWYER: … No. In fact, we’re on the verge of losing so big, that in future trials lawyers will use “Samsung” as a verb when the want to describe the most vicious and embarrassing loss imaginable.

SAMSUNG EXECUTIVE: This is not acceptable! How can this happen? We have prior art!

SAMSUNG LAWYER: They have a… thing.

SAMSUNG EXECUTIVE: A thing? They have a thing? What does that even mean?

SAMSUNG LAWYER: I don’t know. Whenever they turn it on a choir of angels descends from heaven and anoints Apple as a God’s chosen representative on earth. It’s all I can do to keep myself from weeping tears of joy.

SAMSUNG EXECUTIVE: Tears of…? I’m not paying you to weep tears of joy!

SAMSUNG LAWYER: That’s probably the only reason I’m not doing it.

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