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It Is The Opinion Of The Court

Comic Transcript

JUDGE: As the presiding judge, it is my sworn duty to consider every motion, and all evidence, fairly and without prejudice.

JUDGE: To that end, any appearance of favoritism or uneven judgment on the part of the court must be examined closely and with all seriousness.

(APPLE CLONE creeps into view.)

JUDGE: Only when the reputation of the court is free of blemish can the court be relied upon to act as the arbiter of the law.

(APPLE CLONE closes on JUDGE.)

JUDGE: With this principal in mind, it has become apparent to me that–what are you doing?

(APPLE CLONE holds STRANGELY FAMILIAR GUN, which emits a “Nonthreatening Hummmmmmmm”)

(Flash of white, blinding light. Sound of a choir.)

JUDGE: Where was I?

BINKY (STEVE): “Samsung’s behavior shocks the conscience of this court.”

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