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STEVE (BINKY): Your Honor, there is no reason to force Apple to produce the same level of email during discovery that Samsung is. Samsung is the company that is under the most scrutiny in this case.


STEVE (BINKY): Samsung is accused of stealing our designs, violating our patents, and copying our work. Apple is not.

SAMSUNG LAWYER: You are, actually. This lawsuit goes in both directions.

STEVE (BINKY): Your Honor, we intend to prove that Samsung’s claims against Apple are simply another example of them copying everything we do.

SAMSUNG LAWYER: That’s preposterous.

STEVE (BINKY): Have you noticed that every time I attempt to communicate with you in English he does exactly the same thing?

JUDGE: I’ll allow it.

STEVE (BINKY): Thank you, Your Honor.


JUDGE: It. I’ll allow it. And I’m holding you in contempt for not paying attention.

SAMSUNG LAWYER: (Thinking) This is not going well.

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