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A Very Persuasive Argument

Comic Transcript

JUDGE: What’s the meaning of this? Why have you brought a weapon into my courtroom?

BINKY (STEVE): THis isn’t a weapon, Your Honor. It’s a new handheld.

(APPLE CLONE holds STRANGELY FAMILIAR GUN, which emits a “Nonthreatening Hummmmmmmm”)

JUDGE: New handheld? What’s it do?

BINKY (STEVE): We’re about to find out in 5… 4… 3… 2…

(Flash of white, blinding light. Sound of a choir.)

JUDGE: Well I see no reason why a glossy blue paperclip can’t represent one of the most successful and innovative technology companies on earth in this extremely important legal matter.

BINKY (STEVE): Thank you, Your Honor.

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