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The Secret History Of Technology Journalism

Comic Transcript

INDUSTRY EXPERT: You see, Jim, the computer security community has long known that any time the mainstream press attempts to interpret news relevant to to the computer industry, two things will happen:

INDUSTRY EXPERT: First, the press will automatically present the worst case scenario for any piece of software, malicious or benign, as the most likely outcome. And second, after presenting that scenario they will immediately alter the fabric of reality, making the chance of anything close to that scenario happening statistically impossible.

INDUSTRY EXPERT: So for the last fifteen years or so we’ve been feeding the mainstream press a steady stream of computer-based doomsday scenarios in order to ensure they never come to pass.

JIM WASHINGTON: Fifteen years?

INDUSTRY EXPERT: In 1998 someone decided we should probably do something about the Y2K bug.

NEWS TICKERTAPE: Breaking: Apple sues Samsung for “Creating a tablet, thereby violating our intellectual property” :: When asked if they meant “Creating a tablet THAT violates our intellectual property,” they replied “No, not really” ::

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