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DNS Changer

Comic Transcript

CUSTOMER: I can’t get online. Well, actually I think I can get online just fine, but I can’t seem to go anywhere.

ALEX: Probably DNS Changer.

CUSTOMER: What’s that?

ALEX: Apparently there’s a nasty program out there that hijacks internet settings and redirects them to fake DNS servers. Crooks were using those servers to collect sensitive data from the infected machines.

CUSTOMER: Ouch. That’s bad.

ALEX: Yeah. Fortunately, the FBI managed to arrest everyone involved in that ring, and they’ve been running the DNS servers ever since.

CUSTOMER: Oh, well, that’s a good thing!

ALEX: Yeah, but they shut down the servers today, so every infected machine that is being redirected to those servers are no longer able to navigate the Internet.

CUSTOMER: Ouch. We’re back to bad.

ALEX: Fortunately we know how to fix the problem. You can find a step by step guide on how to fix your machine on our website.

CUSTOMER: Congratulations. You’ve taken us from “bad” to “completely useless.”

ALEX: It has screen shots.

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