Design Duality

Comic Transcript

CUSTOMER: When you were rolling out Nifty Doorways Verandah, one of your main talking points was he new interface.

ALEX: That’s right. Smooth, glossy, with semi-transparent window bars and other pleasing user interface improvements.

CUSTOMER: Well, I’ve heard that you’re doing away with all that for the next release of Nifty Doorways.

ALEX: That’s right. We’re returning to a flat, duotone, opaque, simplified, interface that is stripped down in order to improve the user interface experience.

CUSTOMER: So Nifty Doorways Verandah…

ALEX: … has a smooth, glossy, modern user interface that takes full advantage of modern graphics cards to improve your user experience.

CUSTOMER: And the next version of Nifty Doorways…

ALEX: … adopts a stripped-down, back to basics user interface to improve your user experience.

CUSTOMER: Well which is it?

ALEX: “Yes.”

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