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The Argument Begins

Comic Transcript

JUDGE: All right, Gentlemen, let’s begin this. We’ll start with the Plaintiff, shall we?

PLAINTIFF: Thank you, Your Honor. Ubersoft’s latest venture into the realm of “social media’ has adopted a policy of granting its users no privacy whatsoever. All data is collected and sold to third parties.

JUDGE: And what is Ubersoft’s response?

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Your Honor, Ubersoft has broken no laws, and we specifically state what we will do with customer data int he initial user agreement that accompanies account activation.

PLAINTIFF: Your Honor, Ubersoft is engaging in deceptive practices by placing its Terms of Service in a document that they know full well nobody ever reads.

JUDGE: Which document is that?

PLAINTIFF: The Terms of Service, Your Honor.

JUDGE: … your primary argument is they’re lying to their customers by putting their Terms of Service… in their Terms of Service.

PLAINTIFF: Essentially, yes.

JUDGE: Bailiff! I think I’m going to need more drugs.

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