A Cheerful Admission

Comic Transcript


SCOTT: Hey guys.

FIRST GOOGLE EMPLOYEE: Scott! Good to see you! How are you doing today?

SCOTT: Well to be perfectly honest I’m confused and a little upset.

FIRST GOOGLE EMPLOYEE: Okay, let’s talk. Let’s see if we can resolve the problem.

SCOTT: Well you guys had memaking cold calls to businesses in Kenya for the last few weeks, trying to drump up business for our web services.

SECOND GOOGLE EMPLOYEE: Congratulations, by the way. You were our best agent on that effort. I think you broke a few records!

SCOTT: Yeah, well… all the contact information youg ave me was dta we scraped off a Kenyan startup in that area. You told me we’d entered into ab usiness partnership with them.

SECOND GOOGLE EMPLOYEE: Of course! We wanted to make sure you didn’t think there was anything improper going on.

SCOTT: According to the news there WAS something improper going on.

SECOND GOOGLE EMPLOYEE: Yes, but we didn’t want you to think that.


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