An Unsuccessful Bribe

Comic Transcript

LAWYER: If Mr. Zuckerberg is allowed to join the Cabal he will, of course, make available to all members the aggregate of all user information collected by Facebook.

THE BOSS: I am unimpressed.

LAWYER: This is a vast pool of information, sir!

THE BOSS: Yes… a vast pool that Facebook has a reputation for making available to anyone willing to pay to access it.

LAWYER: It’s a very lucrative business model! At least, it is when the FCC doesn’t get involved.

BINKY (STEVE): We don’t have an issue with the business model, old bean–he’s just pointing out that offering us the information we could theoretically have anyway isn’t enticing.

LAWYER: I am authorized to throw in free access to all our games.

THE BOSS: I am unimpressed.

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