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Diluting Legitimacy

Comic Transcript

MONK: Apple just invented a new kind of hybrid power cell that they claim can power phones and laptops for weeks at a time.

ALEX: That sounds useful.

MONK: I suppose it’s only a matter of time before they patent it.

ALEX: I’m sure they already have. However, that actually sounds like a legitimate patent.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: That depends entirely on how you word it.

ALEX: What are you talking about? It sounds like innovative technology to me.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Innovative technology is the perfect smokescreen for a wide-ranging patent that, when grnated, adds far more to your portfolio than the actual invention.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: In the case of Apple’s newest invention, I believe it would benefit with a patent description that was completely accurate, yet at the same time much larger in scale.

MONK: Such as?

VIKTOR SCHRECK: “Method for powering a portable device while minimizing the need for a powered tether.”

MONK: I really hate lawyers.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: We feed on your hate.

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