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Coming To A Head

Comic Transcript

AUDITOR: You people are in a lot of trouble.

MARK: What do you mean, trouble? What did we do wrong?

AUDITOR: Your project lacks sufficient documentation to move forward.

MARK: We know. that’s why they brought us in.

AUDITOR: So you admit it!


AUDITOR: The Omega Protocol effort has no authority to bring in new people when Directive 58 isi n effect. They don’t have the funds!

MARK: QCD ordered us to fix our documentation. The project was SPECIFICALLY given the authority to allocate resources toward fixing the documentation.

AUDITOR: Don’t talk to me about authority! If I really wanted to, I coul —

GENERAL RICHMOND MONTGOMERY: Sorry to interrupt, but it appears our project has been canceled.

AUDITOR: Have a nice day everyone! And have a great weekend!

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