Thou Hast Lost A Ninth!

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Comic Transcript

(Complete Darkness.)

MARK: So, mister IT Guy…

STAN: You can call me Stan.

MARK: OK, Stan. Is there any particular reason you cut the power in the middle of the day?

STAN: We’re adding redundancy to the Data Center. It involves adding new power lines. Safer to kill the power when dealing with that stuff.

MARK: Well I can’t fault you for that. messing with live electricity is dangerous. You shouldn’t take chances.

STAN: Exactly.

MARK: And redundancy is important in a Data Center.

STAN: Yep. The more redundant the system, the better our uptime. Gotta keep those five nines!

MARK: Of course now that you’ve killed all the power in the building you realize the system is not available, right?

STAN: Hmm.

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