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Comic Transcript

MARK: All right, I’ve come up with a plan to approach the project materials. Sally, I want you to work on the Hardware Specification Document (HSD). Max, you take the Software Configuration Guide (SCG) and the Software Certification report (SCR). Doc, you try to compile a project timeline based on the weekly status meeting minutes, and Fred, you can work on the Operator Initialization Manual (OIM). I’ll take a look at the Comprehensive Project Specification (CPS).


MAX: Sure thing.

DOC: No problem.

FRED: Cool! I get to do something!

SALLY: I have to say it’s a relief to finally be able to just sit down and finally be able to get some work–

RANDOM IT GUY: Network’s going down!


SALLY: –done.

RANDOM IT GUY: Also we’re cutting the power to the building.

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