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Translation Failure

Comic Transcript

MARK: Look, General, I don’t know what to tell you about the presentation slides. We had multiple copies stored on multiple servers, and we–

GENERAL RICHMOND MONTGOMERY: Yes, I know, multiple servers including an unsanctioned “ghost server” with independent storage. You haven’t done anything wrong, Mark. I’m not blaming you.

MARK: What?


MARK: I don’t understand.

GENERAL RICHMOND MONTGOMERY: I’m not blaming you. We know it wasn’t your fault.

MARK: General, you’re not making any sense.

GENERAL RICHMOND MONTGOMERY: I don’t know how to say it any simpler. I’m not blaming you. It isn’t your fault. You’re not in trouble.

MARK: Would someone please translate what the General said into something a government contractor will understand?

MILITARY POLICEMAN: He found someone else to blame.

MARK: Thank you!

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