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Technically It Isn’t ASCII

Comic Transcript

MARK: Good morning everyone.

SALLY: We have a problem.

MARK: … that’s not the response I was hoping for.

MAX: We lost our presentation.

MARK: You “lost” it?

MAX: It’s gone. Something happened last night and the entire slide show as deleted from the network servers.

MARK: That’s why we have a–

DOC: –and the ghost server, too.

MARK: Do you have any good news?

DOC: I printed out a hard copy of our presentation on the typewriter.

MARK: Our presentation had pie charts and bar graphs. How did you print out the pie charts and bar graphs?

DOC: Ascii art.

Cartoonist’s Note: This is how deeply the computer age has twisted my perception of the world. One does not print from a typewriter, one types. Which is what I meant, but I’m so used to the separation of typing and printing that it didn’t occur to me until after publishing the comic that “printing” from a typewriter isn’t really possible.

Not from that model, anyway. I had an Olivetti in the late 80s that could store and print files…

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