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The Ghost Server

Comic Transcript

MARK: Guys, Doc wants to use the typewriter instead of his computer, so I’m going to set up the computer they gave him as a ghost server.

MAX: Good plan.

FRANK: “Ghost server?”

MARK: It’s a server nobody knows about but us. We’ll use it to backup our files, use it as a secondary file server, that sort of thing.

FRANK: Nobody knows about it but us? Why? Shouldn’t we tell someone?

MAX: No way. As soon as they find out we’re not using it the way we’re supposed to, they’ll take it away from us.

FRANK: Well we don’t actually need it, do we? Wouldn’t it be simpler to just give it back?

MARK: What? Give it back? Frank, you never give something back. As soon as your customer believes you don’t need something they gave you, they’ll never give you anything else. Ever.

FRANK: It just seems dishonest.

MARK: It’s not dishonest. It’s adaptable.

FRANK: The way you say “adaptable” also sounds dishonest.

MARK: That’s only because you’re not adaptable.

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