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Oct’s Child

Comic Transcript

MARK: Right. There are five of us. We have one typewriter, nothing else. We have a deadline that… hasn’t really been communicated very well…

MAX: …but it’s a hard deadline regardless.

MARK: That’s true. There’s really no point in asking for an extension. once Jobs’ ego breaks through, either this Omega Protocol thing is ready to go or it isn’t. So… options?

DOC: Well I say we get this thing started. Frank, go down to the store, get me a pack of cigarettes, and spring for a bottle of Scotch.

MARK: Nice, Doc, it’s been ten minutes and you’re already contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

FRED: I’m not a minor! I’m 21!

MARK: Sure you are.

FRED: … in octal.

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