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Accurately Communicating Threat

Comic Transcript

DOC: What the…?

GENERAL RICHMOND MONTGOMERY: Team. Welcome to the Big Board. This is where we track the Ego as it attempts to enter our world.

GENERAL RICHMOND MONTGOMERY: So far we are only at a Stage Zero incursion. My analysts tell me that as soon as we move to a Stage One things will unravel quickly. It’s vitally important we be given authorization to activate Project Omega before that happens.

GENERAL RICHMOND MONTGOMERY: You’re about to be briefed on the specifics of Project Omega and how it will fix things, but I wanted to start by giving you an idea of the threat we’re facing. Are there any questions?

FRED: Do you ever find this red light annoying?

GENERAL RICHMOND MONTGOMERY: It’s supposed to be annoying, son. It means we’re all going to die.

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