There’s No Pleasing Some People

Comic Transcript

MONK: Hey Alex, I hear you’re leaving early for the Holidays.

ALEX: Not exactly. It’s sort of a family emergency.

MONK: Do I want to know?

ALEX: Dad put up another one of his Christmas lawn decoration masterpieces again. The neighbors are starting to make threats.

MONK: Uh-oh. What did he do this time?

ALEX: An animatronic nativity featuring characters from the original series of Star Trek.

ALEX: Chekov as the Baby Jesus, Scotty as Joseph, Uhura as the Virgin Mary, Spock, Bones, and Sulu as the three Wise Men, a bunch of red shirts as shepherds, and Kirk as the archangel Gabriel staring up at the Christmas Star, shouting “Khaaaaaaan!”


MONK: But Kirk didn’t shout “Khaaaaaaan!” in the original series. That was from “The Wrath of Khan.”

ALEX: Congratulations. You found the thing that doesn’t bother them at all.

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