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Comic Transcript

BINKY (STEVE): Hallo Old Man!

THE BOSS: Ah… Steve.

BINKY (STEVE): Sorry to barge in on you unannounced, but there’s a matter Mr. Jobs wanted me to raise with you. As a matter of professional courtesy.

THE BOSS: Indeed. What brings you to my domain?

BINKY (STEVE): Ah, well, it’s your “Doodle.” We caught wind of it, and your plans for this webcomic market, and we’ve decided it’s not a bad idea. So naturally we’re going to move in and steal the show.

THE BOSS: So once again Apple seeks to best Ubersoft in the battlefield of the Marketplace. I suppose you are using our basic business model, only you are providing better service and a more complete product?

BINKY (STEVE): Well… actually, we were planning to release a tablet with less features that connected to a more restricted marketplace while charging considerably more money.

THE BOSS: Madness. How can you possibly expect to compete against us successfully with a product like that?

BINKY (STEVE): It will have the Apple logo.

ALEX: I’d buy that.

MONK: Me too!

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