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Playing The Victim

Comic Transcript

ALICE: I’m worried, Viktor. Sometimes I’m afraid that our dominance in the industry no longer has any real meaning.


ALICE: Well, depsite being the largest software company in the world with a vice-like grip on the office suite and operating system markets we’re sort of… ignored. People are paying more attention to smaller, niche markets, like search engines. And smartphone manufacturers.

VIKOR SCHRECK: The Boss was always worried this day would come.

ALICE: He was?

VIKTOR SCHRECK: When you get too successful you can no longer claim to be the scrappy underdog. This makes it easy for the media, indeed, the industry at large to ignore you in favor of smaller companies who still retain that underdog appeal.

ALICE: There must be some way we can get that appeal back.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: You’d have to find someone bigger and more generally distrusted than Ubersoft to portray as the new bad guy who is persecuting us.


ALICE (at a press conference): We’re being hacked by China.

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