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PHIL: OK Barry, you had all weekend. Show me what you got.

BARRY: I call it the “Doodle.” It’s a tablet-form PC specifically targeted to the display of webcomics and webcomics-related materials.

PHIL: Webcomics-related?

BARRY: Phil, think back to before Apple brainwashed you and turned you into a Suit. You used to spend hours of your workday slagging webcomics. We used to write programs that would find new webcomics, write randomly bad things about them, and then collect all the responses of outrage from the fans.

BARRY: The Doodle will make all that easier. Not only does it provide access to all participating webcomics in a proprietary, DRM-enabled image format from a single online store, it also uses search engine technology to find all community-related chatter about it — serious critiques, vitriolic attacks and spirited defenses. It allows the webcomic reader to become a webcomic participant.

PHIL: Search engine technology, you say? I guess it goes without saying that you’re using ours. It wouldn’t do to do all that using Google.

BARRY: … of course!

BARRY: Of course I’m using our search engine! What a silly thing to ask! It would be foolish and reckless to use any other search engine, and I’m offended you even brought it up!

PHIL: I’ll come back tomorrow.

BARRY: Thanks.

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