The Robot Did It

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Comic Transcript

ALEX: Sir, I’ve figured out why the technician never came to your house.

CUSTOMER: This better be good.

ALEX: Our problem database lists that your ticket was closed early Monday morning, so we cancelled the technician’s visit.

CUSTOMER: What? Why was my ticket closed?

ALEX: The ticket says you confirmed that the problem was resolved.

CUSTOMER: I certainly did not.

ALEX: The ticket says our automated confirmation robocaller contacted you and you told it that the problem was resolved.

CUSTOMER: “Unsolved.”

ALEX: I beg your pardon?

CUSTOMER: Your robocaller asked me if the problem was “unsolved.”

ALEX: I’m going to open a new ticket for your, and add a note to have our robocall department hire a voice actor with better diction.

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