Crashing The Party

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Comic Transcript

KING: Guys, about this party…

ALEX: You’re coming, right? Monk already has the food taken care of, and Drinky has a friend who’s supplying the drink.

DRINKY: A LOT of drink.

KING: Great, but why did you invite the Boss?

ALEX: I didn’t invite the Boss. Did any of you?



ALICE: I did.

ALEX: … I didn’t invite you either.

ALICE: I’m your sister. I invited myself. And I invited the Boss, too. Don’t worry, it’ll be fine.

KING: Fine?!

ALEX: You know, Sis, stunts like this are why I stopped inviting you to —

(THE BOSS appears, wearing a party hat and sporting a blowout noisemaker.)

THE BOSS: I feel… festive.

ALEX: (Whispering) I hate you, Alice.

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