The Aqua Straw Man

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Comic Transcript

THE BOSS: You see Steve, I have decided that things are better for my company if we declare that you are the industry leader.

STEVE: What? Come off it, man. These aren’t your glory days, but you’re still the industry leader.

THE BOSS: Irrelevant. Regardless of our actual position, things are better for us if we tell the world that you are the industry leader.

STEVE: What possible reason could you have for that?

THE BOSS: We can do things you would never consider doing, and then tell our customer base you did it first.

ALEX: You see sir, we don’t WANT to charge site licensing fees just because your family has more than two children, but we don’t have a choice if we want to stay competitive with Apple. They’re the industry leader you know.

CUSTOMER: Oh, I see.

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