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VIKTOR SCHRECK: We have a problem.

THE BOSS: Since you are due in court today, I assume you have discovered the validity of our patent is in question.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Oh, no. Our patent is valid, and the defendant is definitely liable. In fact, our case would be 100% airtight if it weren’t for an… unexpected roadblock concerning the presentation of evidence.

THE BOSS: What do you mean?

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Normally I would say to the judge “I would like to present to you Exhibit A” and hand him a copy of the patent, but very recently one of our competitors managed to patent the display of patents.

THE BOSS: Competitor? Which competitor?


THE BOSS: Curse you, Google!

VIKTOR SCHRECK: I suppose licensing their patent is out of the question.

THE BOSS: I will never give Google that satisfaction! Find another way to win the case.


VIKTOR SCHRECK: Your Honor, I will now explain our patent through interpretive dance.

I should note at this point that Google didn’t actually patent the process of displaying a patent, though a news article on Slashdot appears to suggest otherwise. They have, however, registered a design patent for a web application that displays patents. Essentially they’ve patented the design of the user interface for their patent search web application.

At least, that’s what it looks like to me, but I Am Not A Lawyer — I simply mock them on the Internet.

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