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Controlling The Conversation

Comic Transcript

ALICE: Boss, Marketing is worried that we may be missing an opportunity with this whole Cyberterror thing.

THE BOSS: Continue.

ALICE: We feel that an environment where customers fear Cyberterror presents a number of interesting business opportunities that don’t exist in an environment where customers don’t fear Cyberterror.

THE BOSS: Then we want our customers to fear Cyberterror.

ALICE: I agree. Unfortunately, a think tank has already released a study claiming that there is no proof that Cyberterror poses any threat to the public today, and so far there has been no organized refutation of their claims.

THE BOSS: You are concerned that by publishing that study they now control the conversation.

ALICE: Yes. We’re going to have to work hard to get the traction we need to get public perception to sing the other way.

THE BOSS: We would have to work hard only if we were attempting to refute their arguments, data and logic with more arguments, data and logic. I prefer a different approach.

ALICE: What did you have in mind?

THE BOSS: Attacks, distortions, and muckraking.

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