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UML In Action

Comic Transcript

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Please state your name and occupation for the Court.

ALICE: Alice. I work in Ubersoft’s Marketing Division.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: And do you, in the course of your job, use the Ubersoft Marketing Language?

ALICE: Oh yes. We use UML for all our day-to-day work.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: What do you use UML for?

ALICE: We use UML to take comments about your products and “reframe” them in a more positive light.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Can you give us an example of this?

ALICE: Sure. We received a comment from a customer that UberWordSoftPro was “too unreliable to meet the minimum requirements for use in a business environment.”

ALICE: We used UML to reframe the comment so it could be used as a product endorsement.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: And what was the result?

ALICE: “UberWordSoftPro defies expectations.”

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