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The Trouble With Abstraction

Comic Transcript

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Alice, have you ever used the process described in the patent that is the focus of this lawsuit in a manner similar to the way you use the Ubersoft Marketing Language?

ALICE: Only once. Yesterday we tried to use it in the same way we use UML to see how close this patented process came to our results.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: What did you find?

ALICE: When we took the phrase from the example I used earlier — “too unreliable to meet the minimum requirements for use in a business environment” — and ran it through the patented process, we came out with a different result than when we used UML.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: When you used UML?

ALICE: “UberWordSoftPro defies expectations.”

VIKTOR SCHRECK: When you used the patented process?

ALICE: “I like radishes, hey nonny nonny, a heel spur in the carburetor.”

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