Framing The Function

Comic Transcript

DORIAN: Alice, you’ve testified that you use the “Ubersoft Marketing Language” to take a statement or phrase and “repurpose” it so that it says something quite different from its original intent. Is that correct?

ALICE: We use UML to rework a statement so that it becomes more favorable to Ubersoft.

DORIAN: You have, in fact, taken the statement “too unreliable to meet the minimum requirements for use in a business environment” and turned it into “UberWordSoftPro defies expectations.”

ALICE: That’s right.

DORIAN: Sow hat you are doing, at the most basic level, is removing the original meaning of a phrase and replacing it with a phrase that is completely different from its original meaning. Would you agree with that?

ALICE: Yes, that’s pretty much what Marketing is all about.

DORIAN: If that is the case, then what is the functional difference between “UberWordSoftPro defies expectations” and “I like radishes, hey nonny nonny, a heel spur in the carburetor?”


ALICE: Well…

DORIAN: No further questions.

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