Prior Art

Comic Transcript

JUDGE: I hereby call this court to order. Plaintiff and Defendant may approach.

JUDGE: Hrmgh. You again. Who are you suing this time?

VIKTOR SCHRECK: We’re not suing anyone.

DORIAN: I represent the Plaintiffs, Your Honor.

JUDGE: I see. And what is your charge?

DORIAN: My clients charge that the Defendant did willfully violate a patent duly registered in the United states covering the separation of content from reality, and that their implementation of the “Ubersoft Marketing Language” in the Nifty Doorways UberWordSoftPro word processing application is proof of said violation.

JUDGE: And your response?

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Ubersoft has long opposed the malicious use of patents to stifle innovation, and we contest the validity of this patent on the grounds that it offends the sensibility of this court, and also that there is an enormous amount of prior art invalidating this patent.

JUDGE: You have prior art of people separating content from reality before this patent was filed?


JUDGE: (Sighs.) Very well…

VIKTOR SCHRECK: As Exhibit A, I would like to introduce transcripts of my closing arguments for every case I have elocuted over the last two centuries.

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