Objecting To Evidence

Comic Transcript

DORIAN: We object to the Defense attempting to introduce irrelevant materials as supporting evidence.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: We dispute the Plaintiff’s contention that the materials are irrelevant. The transcripts of my closing arguments demonstrate quite clearly that content has been abstracted from reality long before this patent was filed.

DORIAN: We do not dispute this ability, but the patent specifically covers a method of separating content from reality that exists separately of the person using it. A lawyer’s closing arguments before the court may very well separate content from reality — in fact, the best of them quite frequently do — but the process is not separate from the lawyer.


JUDGE: Objection sustained.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: In that case, the Defense would like to introduce one hundred sixty three dollars and forty eight cents worth of “Mad Libs” into evidence as Exhibit B.

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